Boom Tennis in your school

Boom Tennis are looking to get as many kids as possible playing Tennis which is why we will create a schools link up completely FREE of charge. 
An official school link up would mean that we have an on going relationship where we (Boom Tennis) based in the Redhill area are your official Tennis partner and this is what you'd get;
Boom would host a Tennis Festival at the school at a time that suits you so our team of coaches would come to the school for an entire week and run every PE class, organise Tennis at lunchtime and host some assembly's.
Each summer we will host a Schools Competition at Redhill Lawn Tennis Club where any age and any standard of child can enter and compete for the trophy completely free of charge.
A link up with us is completely FREE. We want to be able to give something back to the local kids and see it as important that every single young person gets to have a go at Tennis and have coaching from full time professional coaches.

School link up letter